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Using the site

How do I set up personalised email alerts?

Download our guide (PDF) to using the new personalised email alerts facility.

Can I view a list of all current traffic conditions?

The text view displays incidents in a list. You can filter the information by incident type and region, as well as keep track of when incidents have been closed.

What internet browser should I use?

We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Click one of these links to download a free browser supported by the Live Traffic NSW website:

How do I create a route?

To create a route, simply enter a street name, postcode or suburb into the 'A' and 'B' fields then press 'Go'. A mapped route will then be generated automatically.

Enter starting point and destination, then press 'Go'

How does Live Traffic NSW determine if an incident is on my route?

Our system highlights any incidents within a 1km radius of your journey.

How do I change my route?

The route we provide you is generated automatically by Google Maps and does not take account of live traffic conditions. If you see an incident on the provided route, it's easy to change it. Simply click on your route and drag it away from the incident.

Click and drag the route to change your journey

Can I save my route?

When you enter a journey in the 'My journey' panel, a cookie that stores your route information is saved onto your computer. When you return to this website on the same computer, your route will display.

How can I stop my saved journey from displaying every time I visit the Live Traffic NSW website?

You can remove your saved journey from your computer by clicking the 'Clear' link. This will stop it displaying every time you visit this website.

Can I print my map?

Yes, you can print your map by clicking the 'Print map' link at the bottom right of the map.

How do I get written directions to accompany my route?

Simply click the 'Print directions' link in the 'My journey' panel to access written directions to accompany your route.

Click 'Directions' to view directions for your route

Can I email a mapped route to a friend?

No, currently you cannot email a specific mapped route to a friend.

What do the numbers next to the traffic details icons represent?

The bracketed numbers next to each of the icons in the Traffic hazards box represent the number of hazards on the road network in NSW. Once you've chosen a route, you can see a list of 'Traffic hazards on your journey' beneath the icons. This list will update each time you click and drag your route.

Number of traffic incidents on the NSW road network

Can I access the site on my iPhone or other smart phone?

If you are using an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® you can download Live Traffic NSW for iPhone from the App StoreSM.

If you are using an AndroidTM phone, you can download Live Traffic NSW from Google Play.

A separate mobile site is also available for the latest smart phones.

Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Can I plan a trip in advance?

Yes, you can use Live Traffic NSW to plan trips in the future, however it's important that you check back before you travel to ensure that traffic conditions haven't changed.

What other information can help me plan my trip?

In the map options panel you will find the following trip planning and road features that can be displayed on the map:

Clicking on the icons on the map will open pop-up bubbles with more information.

Can I look back at previous traffic conditions?

No, unfortunately you cannot look at traffic conditions on a previous date.

Why do some incidents display highlighted in yellow at the top of the page?

This is the 'major incidents news ticker' which highlights traffic incidents that are having a significant impact on the NSW road network. If there is more than one major incident, the incidents will rotate and be displayed every 10 seconds. You can click on the ticker to find out more information about that incident.

Click on the ticker to find out more about the incident

How do I refresh the live traffic camera pictures?

Our live traffic camera pictures update every 60 seconds. If you'd like to update the image, hit the 'Refresh' button beneath the camera.

I'm having trouble using the site, where can I get help?

If you have a problem using the site that isn't covered in these FAQs then please contact us.


How are the traffic routes generated?

After you enter the start and end points for your journey, we use Google Maps functionality to automatically create a mapped route. This route doesn't take account of any incidents or hazards that may be occurring on a particular day. If you notice an incident that is impacting your journey, it's easy to change your route. Simply click and drag the route away from the incident.

Where does the traffic information you provide come from?

Transport Management Centre The NSW Transport Management Centre (TMC) monitors and manages the 18,000km NSW state road network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The TMC uses advanced monitoring, communication and traffic management systems to:

The TMC works closely with other government agencies and service providers to maximise the safety and efficiency of the NSW road network. These agencies include:

We also rely on the public for traffic information and around 20 percent of incident alerts on our Live Traffic NSW website and 132 701 Traffic Information Line originate from public reports via the 131 700 line.

How do I report an incident?

If you'd like to report an incident, please call 131 700 at any time of night or day.

Where else can I get traffic information?

Our other traffic information services include: